#ASHA Recap – Apps, Apps and More Apps

“App” was the buzz word this year at ASHA, with every talk resuling in crowds overflowing from their rooms. I don’t think I was in a single talk about apps where people weren’t sitting on the floor or where overflow rooms being opened. I believe the interest is two-fold – SLPs wanting to know how to use this new tool in therapy, and SLPs worrying about how this new tool is being used in our field. Before you jump to conclusions, it isn’t just the “old school” SLPs who are doing the worrying. It’s also the tech savvy who have been keeping a close eye on these developments. Everything is good – in moderation. But too often people are quick to jump onto the latest fad, forgetting their “smarts”. One of my favorite quotes from ASHA was heard by one of my fellow SLPs @apujo5 – “Apps do not make a therapist better, a good therapist can creatively intrigue and engage clients technologically using apps.” Are we using apps to run our therapy, or running the therapy ourselves and using apps to support our work?

I went to a pretty uneventful talk on apps at one point during the convention, but tucked somewhere in the middle of the talk was a nougat that grabbed my attention. They were talking about the need for standardized reviews to be completed by therapists in the field. The iTunes ratings are informative, but they are filled out by parents more than those of us in the speech and language/special needs fields. So although they can give us an “idea” ofhow we could use them, we aren’t getting the big picture. Where else could we get the “gestalt” than from those in the trenches just like us? They suggested an outline of information that was pertinent to us in the field, yet quick to reference – just like the iTunes store. I created the form below and would love to hear:

  1. Your feedback – what else should be on this form? What is not as important to you?
  2. About the apps you love! Any information submitted may be posted on this blog in the future unless you note you would not like it included in the box at the bottom. It can be annonymous as well.


The form can also be found here.


– Tara, SpeechyKeenSLP

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