#ASHA11 Day 1

Day one of ASHA has come to a close. But before I bid the day adieu, I wanted to post a quick “highlights” bit with the promise of more to come in the weeks ahead.

Opening Session: Jill Bolte Taylor opened our convention today speaking about her recovery from a stroke. Her story is phenomenal and to see her speak was so motivating – the day of the stroke she lost all abilities. Today she walked around the stage with no signs of ever having suffered such a debilitating experience. If you’ve never heard her story, check out her TED talk here. It’s only been viewed 6+ million times…

Short Courses: I did my first ever “short course” and loved it! Three hours of Executive Functioning Strategies with Sarah Ward – knocked my socks off! I could have sat and listened for another 3 hours. She is a dynamic speaker who truly understand students with issues in executive functioning skills. He talk was informative with practical tools I can take home and use Monday in therapy. More on this next week, but if you ever get a chance to hear her speak, don’t miss the opportunity!

Tweetups; The official #SLPeeps tweetup isn’t until tomorrow, but informal ones happened all day. I met many of the SLPs I regularly converse with in the “twittersphere” and was able to network and socialize. It was great to arrive at a convention with 12,000 people and already have “friends”. The chatter on Twitter was fun to follow, as well as contribute to as we all tweeted about our locations, good sessions and where to meet for dinner. Follow the hastag #asha11 to follow the chatter all weekend!

Tech: Tech was ever present at this year’s convention. It seemed everyone was toting around a laptop, table device and smart phone. Many sessions focused on using technology and apps in therapy today, and all of those sessions were well attended. More are scheduled for tomorrow, including a talk by Sean Sweeney and more by Barbara Fernandez.


Time to crawl into bed and dream of exciting sessions and exploring the expo floor tomorrow! Here’s wishing all of my fellow attendees a restful night and good sessions on your schedule for tomorrow!

– Tara, SpeechyKeenSLP

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