#ASHA11 Recap – Apps

The iPad and Apps were an even bigger part of the ASHA convention this year compared to last. The exhibit hall had multiple apps booths, with people willing to demo the apps and let you play yourself.  Some companies present were established and well known in the SLP community, like SmartEars, while others were newer and just breaking into the therapy world. I currently do not own many of these apps, but wanted to get this information out there for you to access. I plan on purchasing some of these in the future, I’m going to have to set an app budget each month or I could be in big trouble!




One of the first app booths I found was MouthWorks. Tucked into one of the first rows in the exhibit hall, I was very excited about playing with this app.  An exciting mix of real mouth videos and adorable graphics, this app offers practice at the single phoneme level up to CVCV combination for younger clients. Although you cannot transfer the data out of the app currently, a recent conversation with the company indicates it might become an option down the road.  It will soon be hitting the iTunes store, estimated arrive is the end of November or beginning of December – I plan on giving it a try!


Little Bee Speech showed off their app on the floor as well. A phoneme based menu, you have the options of the word, sentence or reading level. The app offers a lot of customization throughout, with the ability to make changes to selections during activities. And it has one of my favorite features – the ability to save data and e-mail it to yourself! I just downloaded this app today, so a longer review coming soon!In the meantime, a video walkthrough of the app can be found here.


Pocket SLP was another app company on the floor. They explain how they are SLPs by day, on the floor with their students, and programmers by night, creating apps that are motivating for their students. This company has multiple apps, including ones for articulation, minimal pairs and one with the anatomy of the mouth for speech modelings with older clients. They are advertising a lot of apps coming soon, covering language, reading and even opposits! And always a favorite feature of mine, you can keep data within the app and e-mail it to yourself at the end. And the fact that they are available on the android market AND in the Apple app store? I love an equal opportunity app!


Tactus therapy had a different approach to their apps. Their focus is for individuals with aphasia and brain injury. A husband (programmer) and wife (SLP) team, they have three apps currently on iTunes: Comprehension, Naming, Writing. Reading is coming soon.  Although designed for a different target population, many SLPs have been reporting great results using these apps for their language students. Another one that allows you to e-mail results, I’m excited to possibly play with this app in the future.




A pretty popular app company, Smarty Ears Apps has 30+ apps available in the iTunes store. Covering a variety of therapy areas, their app topics include dysphagia, articulation, AAC, bilingualism, fluency, questions, articulation tests and productivity apps for the working SLP. With such a wide variety, you’ll want to visit the site the really explore each app in depth. I have heard great things about the artic test!



Be sure to check out these companies and see which apps will work for you! More in depth reviews will be coming in the upcoming weeks as I begin to play with them more. Happy app shopping!

– Tara, SpeechyKeenSLP

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