#ASHA12 – Very Important Places

There was quite a lot of chatter on Twitter today about needing to know where everyone was, good places to eat and the ever important “closest Starbucks”. Well – your wish is my command! Below you will find the #SLPeeps at #ASHA12 map! You are free to add your name to a hotel marker so we know where you are staying. Recommend a place for lunch. Mark the spot for your dinner meet-up. Get busy “pinning” my friends!


If you want to add your name to the listing of an already “pinned” hotel:

  1. Be sure you are logged in to Google
  2. Click the red “edit” button on the top left of the screen
  3. Click the existing hotel pin
  4. Type your twitter handle into the description box!
If you want to change how the “pin” looks (coffee mug, house, push pin, etc)
  1. Place a pin on a spot by clicking on the appropriate location
  2. Click “save to map”
  3. Select the #SLPeeps Map from the listing and click “ok”
  4. Click the red “edit” button on the top left of the screen
  5. Click the pin you JUST placed on the map
  6. Click on the current “pin” icon in the blue box that is in the top right of the pop-up box
  7. It will give you a whole listing of options for a type of pin!


View #SLPeeps at #ASHA12 in a larger map

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