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At the recent ASHA convention, I was proud to be a featured panelist on a Learning Lab session and volunteer on the Social Medial Learning Center booth.  At both venues, we talked about why it is imperative that SLPs understand and embrace the world of social media that is taking our profession by storm.  Whether you want to interact daily or prefer to sit back and and listen, social media has become an invaluable resource for communicating with colleagues and staying on top of recent research and trends.

Our booth and panel were both quite popular and our visitors expressed an interest in learning more that they could take home with them to digest at their leisure.  We anticipated that this would be the case, so several of us “#SLPeeps,” together with Heidi Kay at PediaStaff, co-authored and produced a simple e-book that we would like to share with you as a blog hop.

Part 3: #SLPEEPS On Twitter

By: Tara Roehl, M.S. CCC-SLP & Megan Panatier, M.S. CCC-SLP

Everyday there are SLPs and AUDs sharing information, resources and supporting one another in their daily professional (and even personal) lives. The participants are located around the world, and are a fount of information that anyone can tap into on a daily basis. Read on to learn more about this group and how you can become a part of this learning community!


What is Twitter?

Twitter is a text based, microblogging service of 140 characters (texts, links, pictures, etc.) messages called “tweets.” Twitter a continuous stream of on-going conversations where “jumping in” is actually expected and conversations of SLP topics (and not only SLP or AUD based topics, bacon seems to come up a lot) happen daily! Remember, Twitter is a public, space so everything one tweets is available for the public to read.

Why should I care?

Twitter is a simple social media tool, a timeline of text messages which allows you to interact 24 hours a day with other people all across the globe. Never feel alone again! Twitter offers moral support, interaction, friendships, research and links! You may be asking “But what do people get out of it?” and the answer is A LOT! SLPeeps (what we call SLPs on Twitter) and AUDpeeps (AUDs on Twitter) are able to interact with colleagues, even if isolated.

Ok so you’ve convinced me what do I do?

  • Go to
  • Sign up for an account by choosing a handle. Handles are what come after the @ such as @ashaweb or @avocadotech or @pediastaff. It’s how others identify you – just like a username!

How Do I Get Connected To Others?

  • Begin by following conversations using “hashtags.” A “hashtag” is a way for someone

to give a “subject” to their tweet – to say that it applies to a certain topic or grouping of people. If you find common hashtags used by people who share professions and interests with you, you can begin to follow them specifically! Start reading through tweets with the following hashtags by typing them into the “Search” box on twitter – don’t leave out the # symbol!

  • #SLPeeps – SLPs on Twitter, discussing SLP related information
  • #SLPChat – A focused topic of discussion for a pre-determined time and date to join in (See section four of this guidebook for details on #SLPChat)
  • #AUDpeeps – AUDs on Twitter, discussing AUD related information
  • #SLPbloggers  – SLPs who blog and share blogging resources
  • #ASHA12 – The official hashtag of the ASHA 2012 Convention @ashaconv

How Do I Join the Conversation?

Your first step to joining the conversation is to introduce yourself. Feel free to send out a min-introduction and include the #SLPeeps or #AUDpeeps hashtag. People will begin replying and welcoming you to the world of Twitter. Replies help you converse with others and meet them. Use the @ symbol, followed by a username, to reply to one or all of the participants (and optionally use a # to specify topics). If you want to follow someone specifically and see all of their tweets, be sure to “follow” them by clicking on their user name and then clicking the “Follow” button!  If you would like to have a private conversation with someone, you can send a Direct Message, or DM. They must be

How Do I Join the Conversation (CONT’D)?

following you back in order to have a private message the public cannot read. Did you see a tweet you really liked or one you think more people should read or see? ReTweets (RTs) are a way of passing it along. Each tweet you RT will be shared with everyone who follows you. You also have the option of sharing Modified Tweets (MTs). These are when you modify a RT from someone else. Now that you have some basic Twitter tools, let’s tweet, SLPeeps!

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