Day 27: Convention “Carry-All”

Tips for packing and prepping for convention! | Read this post and more by @speechykeenslp over on the blog at your convention bag SMART is critical to it being a tool, rather than a burden, at the convention. Here are some tips for packing (and re-packing) your bag to make sure it works for you and not against you…


Everything has a place!

Decide ahead of time where everything goes! Lay out what you’ll be
bringing each day and then compartmentalize it appropriately.

Bonus: Leave a space for “stuffing” freebies/purchases so it
doesn’t interfere with your process during sessions



Wrap It Up!

Use a hair tie, rubber band or even some of these to keep those cords
under control! Don’t waste your time untangling things!

Bonus: Make sure you have 1 cord for every piece of tech. Don’t
plan on sharing cords between devices! They may choose to die
all at the same time!



Repack Nightly!

Each night of the convention, when you return to you room, spend five
minutes dumping out your bag and repacking it. This ensures you don’t
lose things, can find what you need the next day and get the most out
of each day in Orlando!

Bonus: This saves you time on the final day as you attempt to pack
your bags  to go home – you won’t have to sift/sort or take up
room with trash accidentally!


So – what goes in my convention bag each day?
  • Pens – and quite a few!
    They always seem to die, or be permanently “borrowed” by a neighbor
  • Pad of paper
    Sometimes you just need to draw it out, scribble it down or give out information to someone else!
  • Battery Pack
    Don’t get caught ‘dead in the water’ with your tech! Be able to charge while you race between sessions!
  • Cords
    My power strip (of course) and one connector for my phone, battery pack and  iPad. I also pack some headphones in case I need to take a call or for listening to my iPod…
  • iPad
    This is my note-taking powerhouse for the weekend! Plus, I’m presenting from it for multiple session!
  • Keyboard and Stand
    For blasting out live tweets and propping up my iPad on flat surfaces!
  • Cellphone
    Not only is it my phone, it’s also my camera, internet connection, social media center, mobile hotspot… need I go on?
  • Flip
    I love my little Flip camera. It records video without slowing down a device such as my phone or iPad! You never know when you’ll see something funny or inspirational to record!
  • iPod
    Yep, my iPod! I voice record all of my talks and listen to them non-stop until I walk on stage! So feel free to tap me on the shoulder, even if I have my headphones on 😉
  • Business Cards
    I hand them out like candy – and often get a lot in return. Hint: Snap a picture of a business card BEFORE you put it in your bag! You never know when it might grow legs and walk off!
  • Chapstick, Water Bottle and Lotion!
    The A/C will be pumping something fierce in the convention center! Keep yourself hydrated with water, chapstick and some lotion for your hands!
  • Wallet
    For food, Starbucks and Exhibit Hall purchases of course! I also ALWAYS renew my membership at the convention – therefore I never forget!
  • Sweater and Scarf
    Pumping A/C also means cold drafts in rooms where you are sitting!
How are you packing your bag for convention?

– Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP

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  1. Mary says:

    I LOVE your posts on ASHA ’14! They are helping out this “newbie”, for sure! 🙂

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