“Hacking Autism” Releases Documentary Trailer

I am a huge supporter of “Hacking Autism“. It began last year, in an effort to connect the Autism community with technology developers. Recently that have done a doccumentary on the use of technology with children with Autism. The trailer was released at 8am this morning.



As a Speech Therapist who uses technology in therapy, I cannot say enough about the multiple fascets this documentary addresses.

  • Autism Awareness: There cannot be enough awareness, enough research, enough support. The CDC released new statistics yesterday. Autism is now 1 in every 88 children. It impacts every American either directly, or through friends and family members. No one can ignore it any longer.
  • Technology’s Impact: Research continues to validate the strong impact technology has in therapy for students with Autism. This movement acts as a rally cry for developers to gather together and use their skills for something much greater than themselves.
  • Communication: As a Speech Therapist, the impact of students developing speech/language/social skills is my passion. Watching the impact of touch technology in accessing these children, giving them the power to share their thoughts and feelings … I sat and cried as I watched the trailer.

Will you spread the word? Will you let others know about this great movement that helps these children and in turn, helps us all? Please share …

– Tara, SpeechyKeenSLP

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