#HIPAAtalk – HIPAA and the HITECH Act

Today I went to a very informative, very mind boggling, talk on HIPAA regulations and the new HITECH act. HIPAA is something I have posted on before and is something that is VERY important Speech-Language Pathologists. Sadly, it is also something often not understood and not complied with as well. All I really understood about it, in the beginning, was that you are not supposed to give out personal information about your client to others. After attending the ASHA Private Practice Institute I realized there was a LOT more to it and even more new regulations coming down the pipeline. So I decided to go to a conference put on right here in San Jose to learn more how to protect my clients and myself. Imagine my surprise when the speaker is someone who has presented at anĀ ASHA Convention (in 2011) and written books that are in the ASHA Bookstore! So he not only is knowledgeable and a former malpractice lawyer – but he is aware of the concerns impacting SLPs and Audiologists!

Below you will find a Chirpstory of my “notes” from the conference. I tweeted everything I could today, there isn’t a single note written on the powerpoint! I hope you find this helpful – I know it was an extremely helpful conference for me! Below the Chirpstory I have posted the references he provided us today, as well as information about a new reference coming soon!

*Please excuse spelling errors – I was typing quickly as it was a VERY fast paced conference!




Informational Books – “Compliance Tools”

  • The EMR book is also sold through the ASHA Bookstore(pick it up at #ASHA12!)

Speaker’s HIPAA & HITECH Blog

Cross Country Education (organized the conference – in case you are interested in attending one!)

Coming Soon: HIPAA/HITECH for the SLP and AUD

  • Not out yet, but the speaker has asked me to be an editor for the publication. So I will be receiving an advanced copy to read and, when given permission, will be able to review to you in case you are interested in an SLPs perspective before purchasing it! I’ll update the blog as I receive more information on this!

How confusing is HIPAA/HITECH to you? What do you still have questions about?

– Tara, Speechy Keen SLP


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