Social Thinking Provider’s Conference 2013 – chirpstory

This year I was only able to attend the final day of the Social Thinking Providers Conference. We had camp all week at the clinic, up through Saturday morning. Sunday was one of the days I was most excited about, as Sarah Ward was speaking. I’ve gone to see her ~ 7 times now, and was very excited to hear new research and new therapy techniques this time. Though, I would have been just as excited to hear the same message I’d heard before. Her talks are so dynamic, and every time I hear her speak I pick up something new to use in therapy.

In addition to Sarah Ward, I heard talks by Daria O’Brien on writing and Elaine Beussink on creating social science camps.

As always, I live tweeted from the conference – and have compiled those tweets into a Chirpstory so you can see the highlights in one place.

My Biggest Take-Aways

  • Research is beginning to come out about movement being tied to the frontal lobe (where executive functioning develops). 
  • To help students regulate, allow them to take sips of water throughout the therapy session
  • Students must see themselves in their “future thought”, so be sure to draw THEM inside thought bubbles when talking about their thoughts.

The Chirpstory of my tweets from the whole day can be found here.

– Tara Roehl

P.S. If anyone has seen the research related to my “take-away”, please pass it along! I would love to read it!

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