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Day 19: Accessorize Accurately!

Trust me – you don’t want to carry anymore than necessary into the convention hall at #ASHA14. You will leave every day with more than you came with, so starting the day light is key. I’ll be talking about bags on Sunday and what to pack in your convention bag next week, but here are a few “fashion” accessories you’ll want on your person each day!

Accessorize Accurately at the convention center! Make sure you don't forget these 6 things! | Read this post and more by @speechykeenslp at

Light-Medium Weight Cardigan

Although the sun should be shining outdoors, the a/c will be blasting indoors! Depending on which room you’re in for a particular session, you could be baking or freezing at any given moment! As I mentioned yesterday, layers are a must in Florida – so don’t forget a sweater to throw on if a room gets particularly chilly! Try to pick something that is small (and sturdy) enough to be stuffed into your bag when the temperatures are more comfortable – you don’t want to leave it behind!


The fashion statement of most SLPs, there will even be scarf seller on the exhibit hall floor! It’s a great fashion piece as well as a useful tool. If a room is just slightly cool you can leave the sweater in your bag and throw this over your shoulders! Need to sit on the floor during a session? Sit on your scarf or drape over your legs if you (didn’t listen) wore a skirt! Need to cough or sneeze? Emergency mouth coverage! Stinky person next to you? Built in air filter! Raining or chilly as you leave the convention hall? A great head/ear cover as you dash to dinner! Not sure how to tie one on? Click here for some ideas!

Water Bottle

The lines at the food locations in between sessions usually mean you will miss your next session. And the vending machines are typically a rip off! Bring your favorite water bottle along and you can fill it up quickly in between sessions at a drinking fountain. You can toss it in your bag, but I prefer to hook mine onto my bag with a carabiner. It prevents accidental spills on my electronics and doesn’t take up valuable space. Plus, I don’t have to dig in my bag during a session to grab a quick sip!


My previous cell phone met an ugly fate at a convention over the summer… the convention center’s parking garage floor. It was ugly, and made social media difficult during the convention! Protect your electronics – cell phone, tablets, etc! People will be jostling you into sessions, to grab a seat, etc. Plus, cases with a “stand” make it that much easier to tweet, note take and blog during a session!

Hair Thingies

No matter how much time you spend on your hair in the morning, you’ll want it out of your face/way by the end of the night. I’m a huge fan of hair elastics – that look nicer on your wrist and don’t damage your hair. Is your hair too short for a pony tail? Toss a headband into your bag! (‘I’m sure you will be able to find a cute one like pictured without a problem. *wink* Rumor has it Erik Raj will be sporting something similar all week!


You will be given a lanyard when you pick up your materials for the convention. It’s a sponsored lanyard, so it will have advertizements all over it and it is typically bright yellow. Like, Super Duper’s famous free bag yellow. If that’s not your style, pick up a cute one before you come to convention! And make sure you drop it right back into your convention bag when you leave the halls each night – you do NOT want to stand in that line to get it re-issued if you were to forget it one day!

What can’t you “convention” without?

See you tomorrow to talk about what bling to bring!

– Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP

Day 15: ASHA Attire!

ASHA Attire - what to wear (and not wear) to the convention! | Read this post and more by @speechykeenslp at

One of the common questions I get is “what should I wear?!”

So this year I will be dedicating an entire week to this topic! Check it out…

Tuesday: Don’t Do It…

Some things are just NOT acceptable at an ASHA Convention. We’ll discuss what outfits are not well received, giving you clear guidelines for what to leave at home or to save for your evening adventures.

Wednesday: Get-Up Goals

Are you interviewing? Networking? Hoping to meet some SLP celebrities? Just “conferencing”? We’ll talk about what to wear for each of these settings, and how dress for a versatile day!

Thursday: “Cultural Differences”

Having lived all over the States, I can tell you that terms such as “casual”, “business casual”, etc are not universal! We’ll discuss what is appropriate for Floridians, and how to find a nice “middle ground” in your wardrobe.

Friday: Accessorize Accurately!

There are some accessorizing rules I have learned the hard way at ASHAs past, like how to stay comfortable yet cute during the long and tiring days of a convention! Don’t miss this post!

Saturday: Beautiful Bling…

Depending on how you “conference”, there are some big “do’s” and “don’ts” with that bling in a conference center. We’ll also include some of our favorite resources for pairing those jewels with your outfits…

Sunday: Totes Ma Gotes!

What bag will you be carrying to the convention each day? Today we’ll talk about considerations for hauling your goodies to and from the convention each day, as well as some of our favorite bags for the long days and late nights of convention weekend!

What are you wearing to ASHA?

– Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP