10 Reasons Why Speech Therapists Rock

*1. Nobody beats you as a shopping partner*
You bring the childhood spirit right back into your friends the minute you
hit the stores. You get excited over bubbles, enjoy blowing up balloons, and
practically waltz down the aisles “oohing” and “aahing” over all the new
toys. You leap off the floor with joy when a new pragmatic game is released
and you simply have to have it. You leave the store laden with shopping bags
insisting it’s for all your small clients, but we know better! You can’t
wait to get home, rip it all open and test-drive all your new things!

*2. You’re an enthusiastic listener*
On feeling strongly about a subject we seek you out to hear our point of
view. We profusely express our opinion, and can’t help but notice your eyes
lighting up every time we use an idiom. Feeling passionate about the subject
we explain ourselves in descriptive sentences. As we come to a close you
jump up and almost give a standing ovation while you declare “Well said!
Excellent speech!”

*3. You’re a kid magnet*
When you’re attending an occasion in our home, we never have to worry about
entertainment for the kids. They gravitate towards you, surround you
completely and consider you their best friend after being with you for ten
minutes. Parents look upon in amazement as they observe their children
conversing in full sentences with their peers. They stare in shock and
practically fall of their chair as you get their children to play broken
telephone and recite jingles in tandem.

*4. You’re a development specialist*
We know you really care about how our toddler is growing and developing.
Your interest is genuine and although we have no idea what you’re talking
about, we know you’re not trying to freak us out when you ask if our baby is
grunting versus growling. While others might ignore our toddler, you’re the
master of interactive games. We know you are secretly analyzing our child’s
speech, but we don’t mind. We’re completely relaxed in the knowledge that if
something is off track, you’ve got us covered.

*5. Your creative closet is jammed*
The entire staff depends on your creative closet. When we need ideas for
teaching we always end up in your room. Your closet is filled to the brim
with every imaginable type of game, toy, flash card and workbook. A large
portion you’ve made by yourself and we never cease to be amazed at how many
uses there are for tongue depressors, bubble wands and paper cups. You have
a strategy for everything. On the days you’re not at work, we control the
urge to form a protest and resist tracking you down on your cell phone.

*6. You’re the speaker of the house *
You’re the obvious choice when it comes to making announcements and
addressing a classroom full of students. Your animated expressions keep the
kids glued to your face. On telling them a class trip is cancelled, you
somehow make up for it by teaching them five great tongue twisters and
promising a prize to the student that masters them first.

*7. Speaking is your forte*
You always console us when we’re feeling down. We head to your office, close
the door and sit down. You take one look at us and give a wide smile. We
don’t even have to say one word. You’re happy to keep the conversation going
all by yourself. You talk about dysfluency, apraxia, dsyphagia and TBI. We
have no idea what you’re on about but listening to you without the need to
participate is extremely comforting. Just before we leave you make up a few
“happy day” rhymes and we walk out feeling greatly uplifted.

*8. You’re a paperwork pusher*
You aren’t aware but the entire staff knows when it’s time for you catch up
on your paperwork. You close your door in a huff and psyche yourself up by
rolling your “R’s.” Your figurative language is descriptive as you rustle
through your papers and settle down. Later on we hear the sounds of an
interactive game filtering through the door, and we know you’ve completed
your tasks and are secretly rewarding yourself for a job well done.
Paperwork might be your pet peeve but it’s part of what makes you so

*9. You lift morale*
In this tough economy you’re a natural at lifting people’s spirits. You
deftly explain how a steady income (for a week at a time) is the perfect
job. What’s the price of gas compared to the wonderful people you meet when
travelling to agencies, and to clients houses rendering services? If that
doesn’t cheer them up, you’ll snap a few pictures, make them a laminated
social story book, fish out a surprise from your therapy bag, and send them
merrily on their way.

*10. You are completely endearing*
The speech therapist in you never rests. While enjoying a cup of coffee
together, you do your best to hide it but we can’t help but notice your
antics. You blink twice when we use incorrect grammar and flinch when we
don’t articulate our ”T’s” correctly. And yes, we notice each and every time
when you lose eye contact, and pay attention to our lips instead. But we
don’t mind, we think you’re the greatest ever! We couldn’t do without you!


This came through the work e-mail system today, and I’m not really sure where it originated (if you know, please let me know so I can give credit!). Irregardless of the genius behind it, I think it is a great way to get through a Monday 🙂

– SpeechyKeenSLP

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