#ASHA13–Prepping Your iPad

prep your ipad

Last Friday night I had a great conversation with a fellow SLP in Canada who will be attending #ASHA13. The conversation naturally turned to the iPad, and what apps I use during the convention. I decided to blog about my favorites and how I prep my iPad for the big weekend!


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image iAnnontate: I love this app for writing on my PDFs. Now ASHA is no longer having speakers post their presentations, but 3 page “handouts” were due Monday! Sometimes they are good to reference during the talk!


Notability: This is my preferred note taking app. I create a section for ASHA13 and then file my notes from each session under that heading. It allows typing, writing, highlighting, audio recording, stickies, figures, taking a photo and placing it in the note… all while in a very easy to use format! image
audiomemo Audio Memos: I am an auditory learner. I need to hear something a few times over to really let it sink in and impact my therapy. I prefer the PAID version of Audio Memos for doing just that! I especially like that you can pause and resume while recording. I name each recording the session’s title for quick access. Then I listen to it again when my brain has “refreshed” – usually January *smile*
RedLaser: I have found many retailers like to use QR codes. And many of the retailers have barcodes on their products. Although this is an iPhone app, I prefer it as my QR and barcode reader because it keeps a “history”. This is great for two reasons – it creates an almost “shopping list” by saving product info AND saves the link – if you don’t have internet access this is great for checking the details later! RedLaser-App-Logo


Clean off your iPad. Clear off images, videos, recordings, files. Give yourself plenty of room for all the files you will be creating during the conference. You want your iPad responding quickly! Back-it up using iCloud or  by hooking it to your computer. If you have questions about how to do that, you can go here.

Though, you may want to leave a few pictures of your therapy room, views of where you are from and your family (human or furry) – to show off, of course!


Be sure to get your iPad completely updated. Make sure you’ve done the latest iOS updates and that all of your apps are up-to-date. It will ensure your iPad will keep working throughout the convention. There is nothing worse than a partial update rendering your iPad useless during that one amazing speaker you find. You’ll never forgive yourself!


Do you have client sensitive information on your iPad? I would strongly encourage you to clear it off your iPad and store it safely on your computer or elsewhere. This can be therapy notes, videos showing client faces, photos, e-mails with private medical information, etc. If you choose not to take this information off your iPad, I strong encourage you lock it down. Set the PIN and erase any “remembered” passwords. Heaven forbid your iPad disappears at ASHA – you just might have a HIPAA violation on your hands!

– Tara Roehl, SpeechyKeen SLP

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