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#ASHA15 Tips and Tricks: Dressing for Denver

Being aware of Denver weather, as well as our “sense of style” can help make packing a bit easier for you! I hope today’s video helped you make those final decisions for what goes and what stays!

-Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP

#ASHA15 Tips and Tricks: What NOT to Wear

Piggy backing on my last video, there are some things that should just NOT be worn at the convention. As in, don’t even put them in your suitcase. And yes, I’ve seen them all…

[Last year’s blog post]

-Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP

#ASHA15 Tips and Tricks: What to Wear


What to wear is often a huge question mark in a lot of people’s heads. In today’s video I cover some general rules and you can see examples below!



[Last year’s blog post on this topic]

-Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP

#ASHA15 Tips and Tricks: Professionally Connected


I always have a few versions of these in my bag – and no, I don’t mean the labels. But I have some of those too! Click play to find out why and how to make sure you can represent yourself and give out contact information quickly and professionally!

My “mini” cards [referral link]

My “quick turn around” cards

Information I include on my labels…
Name, address, e-mail, phone number, webpage

-Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP

#ASHA15 Tips and Tricks: Things I Can’t Live Without!


Put that Amazon Prime membership to good work and get some needed gear before the convention begins!

Battery Pack Blog Post (2014) • My Favorite Battery Pack

Accessories Blog Post (2014)  • Keyboard, Stand, Adapters
(be sure to get adapters for all types of projectors!)

Bonus from last year (that I completely forgot to mention!)…
Power Strip Blog Post (2104) • My Favorite Power Strip

-Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP

The #ASHA15 Blog Series Kick-Off!

Every year I try to do something a little different with my blog series, and this year is no different. I’m heading into my 8th ASHA Convention and this year it’s in my town! Follow along as I give out my favorite convention tips and tricks, as well as share some Denver “insider knowledge”. Starting with this amazing view of the Denver skyline!


-Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP


Having fun with Instagram

I have always been “snap happy”. I’ve been a picture person since I was young! Having a baby has sent that into overdrive. Like, 50-100 photos on an average day isn’t rare. One of my requirements  for my phone is that it has a GREAT camera. So many friends were getting blurry photos with their iPhones and other smartphones, I knew it would just drive me crazy. And, because my photos are taken on my phone, they are uploaded to Intagram and FB from my phone. Instagram offers a little “fun”, but I wanted to do a LOT more with my photos. I began searching and playing. Since I started doing more with my photos, a TON of people have asked me what apps I use. I figured it would be easier to direct them here than continue to retype my answers again and again.

NOTE: I am an Android user. Some of the apps are available on both Android and iOS, and I’ll try to note when it is. But keep in mind, I have never used the iOS versions of these apps!


“Labels” are the colored strips with text. They often look like something that has come out of a real label maker or text written on masking tape, washi tape, etc. I am picky with these, I don’t like it to look “junky”. Some of my favorite apps are…

labelbox Labelbox

  • 15 different labels
  • Ability to undo – but only to clear EVERYTHING you’ve done, and you have to
    shake your phone. (which, quite frankly, leaves you looking ridiculous in

  • [Available
    on iOS]


  • I couldn’t even begin to count the number of tapes
  • Divided by colors, then patterns (you scroll for miles)
  • All are semi see-though – meant to look like Japanese Washi Tape
  • [Available
    on iOS]


This is the trick to putting a bunch of related photos into one image for sharing via social media. I prefer ones that create square collages. Then I can quickly plug it into Instagram, which then shoots it out to Facebook and Twitter. I’ve tried quite a few, but it really comes down to two for me.


  • Super clean and quick
  • All the frames are divided by number of images
  • Can change the thickness and color of the frame around the collage
  • You can save to your gallery or send it straight to another app (Instagram,
    Facebook, editors, etc)
  • For iOS Check Out: Fuzel
photogridPhoto Grid
    • Some cool collage options (not all square/rectangle)
    • Funky borders available as well (patterns, etc)
    • Add text right in the app
    • [Available
      on iOS]
  • Editors

    Sometimes you want to do just a bit MORE. Maybe add some clip art, some “chalk drawing-like” text or images. A photo needs “touch-up” or even “blacked out” . Maybe even some silly arrows or talking bubbles? That’s when I go to my editor for the extra “ooph”. Now, I have a LOT of editors, and I use them all for different things. But I have a few I use more frequently for “common” edits or even more specialized features …


     Beautiful Mess

    • This one is a great one for cutesy borders, fonts, clips art, etc. It’s
      become my go-to and probably yours friends’ too!

    • It also lets you create images without a picture – use a blank background or
      one of the many patterns available!
    • [Available on iOS]
    • A little chalk-like clip art in the library
    • Some great fonts – sometimes I’ll leave my labels plank and add text from
      this app!

    • You can add stickers, frames, borders, layer photos, masks, draw and other

    • Also, create from scratch a brand new image!
    • [Available
      on iOS]
  • realbokehReal Bokeh
    • This adds a little “magical aura” to your images – it looks like light

    • It also lets you pick shapes, colors and placement!
    • [Available
      on iOS]
  • Examples

    Here are some examples of these apps in use!

    Used: PicArt

    label: labelbox
    Used: LabelBox

    collage: photo frames
    Used: PhotoFrame

    heart lights: real brokeh
    Used: Real Bokeh

    clipart: picsart
    Used: PicsArt

    Used: Beautiful Mess

    Happy Editing!

    – Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP

    Day 31: Final Countdown – 1 DAY!

    It's the final countdown to convention! How will you connect?! | Read this post and more by @speechykeenslp over on the blog at! The ASHA Convention is TOMORROW! Can you believe it’s finally here?! You’re flying or driving into Orlando any minute now along with thousands of people who share a similar passion for people. The excitement in the air will be thick, right along with the crowds.

    May I make a suggestion to increase your chances of finding friends over the next few days?

    Time For Selfies!

    Change your Profile Picture!

    If your profile picture is a logo, obscured, your adorable baby or pet… we won’t be able to recognize you! For just a few days, change it to a very clear picture of just your face. This will increase your chances of being spotted in the crowd and finding your social media friends!

    Post a Selfie!

    Each morning, post a selfie of what you look like that day! We’ll all love to get a sneak peak of your outfit, and it will give us all social clues for finding you! Hashtag it #asha14selfie just for fun! I can’t wait to see everyone’s style!

    Say Hi – MORE Selfies!

    Do NOT be afraid to walk up to a tweeter and say hi! Even if you can’t remember their name, use their twitter handle! Trust me, there is nothing more flattering than someone walking up and saying “Are you SpeechyKeenSLP??” And there is nothing you regret more than NOT saying “hi”. Be sure to take as many selfies with your twitter friends as possible – this weekend is sure to be one to remember!

    So get settled into your room and get a good nights rest – tomorrow it all begins!

    Come find me tomorrow, I can’t WAIT to meet you!

    – Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP

    Day 30: Final Countdown – 2 days!

    It's the final countdown to convention! How will you connect?! | Read this post and more by @speechykeenslp over on the blog at isn’t that amusing?! It took me until now to realize I’m off by a day! Ah well, I’m sure you will all forgive me! Today will be all about finding people at the convention and helping those who aren’t around!


    Twitter will be your best friend at ASHA! There are a few rules to follow when tweeting at ASHA. If we can all be on board with these guidelines, we’ll all be happier!

    1. Warn Your Followers!

    Some people are just NOT fans of live tweeting. Others are popping in, halfway through the day, and have NO idea where you are or what your are talking about! A nice “FYI” tweet at the beginning of each day gets them onto the same page! I typically say something along the lines of“Heads up followers: It’s day 2 of #ASHA14 – I’ll be live tweeting throughout the day!”

    2. Give The Session Title First!

    People reading at home, or even those in other sessions, want to know what lecture/talk you are in! At the beginning of every session I give the title, speaker and session code! This helps for a variety of reasons. First, we can quickly know if it’s a talk on Executive Functioning, Fluency, Dysphagia, etc. That’s pretty critical information! Secondly, if we are REALLY enjoying your tweets we can look up more information on the speaker, or even jump over to that same session if the one we’re attending ends up being a snooze. And finally, it helps people keep different talks sorted – they know when you’ve switched, who is in the same talk, etc.

    3. Use the #ASHA14 Hashtag

    #ASHA14 is a community! We are chatting, following, meeting up – all through Twitter! To make sure we see all of your fantastic tweets from a inspiring talk at ASHA, be sure to include the ASHA hashtag!

    4. Use the Session # as a Hashtag

    As you can imagine, with a large community live tweeting, it can be hard to keep straight what session everyone is in. It is also hard to give credit to the speaker when you only have 140 characters to spread their smarts to the twitter world! At #ASHA14, every session is given a unique code.A great way to keep all of the tweets “organized” is to tweet #a followed by the session code. Twitter only recognizes hashtags that include a letter!  For example, one of my talks has the session code 1212. So, put #a1212 after tweets from my session! That allows people to search tweets from specific sessions, and even “chirpstory” them into one post.

    Happy Tweeting!

    – Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP

    Day 29: Final Countdown – 3 days!

    It's the final countdown to convention! How will you connect?! | Read this post and more by @speechykeenslp over on the blog at are just DAYS away from convention! Everyone is starting to arrive, excitement is in the air – thousands of SLPs and Audiologists are about to take over the Orange County Convention Center!

    Wait… thousands?! How are you supposed to FIND anyone?!

    I’ll finish off this series with a few of my favorite tips for finding friends and feeling a part of the group!



    Each year we create a map to help us find not only each other, but also important locations near by! I’ve made it editable, so please be careful not to undo anyone else’s work.  You are free to add your name to a hotel marker so we know where you are staying. Recommend a place for lunch. Mark the spot for your dinner meet-up. Get busy “pinning” my friends!

    If you want to add your name to the listing of an already “pinned” hotel:

    1. Be sure you are logged in to Google
    • Click the blue “edit” button in the white box on the left side of the screen
    • Click the existing hotel pin
    • Select the “pencil” icon at the bottom of that box
    • Type your twitter handle into the description box!
    • Click “Save”
    • If you want to add a pin to the map!
      1. Select which “layer” it goes in (within the white box on the left) – fun, food, etc.
      2. Make sure the “pin” is selected below the search box (not the hand)
      3. Place a pin on a spot by clicking on the appropriate location
    • Click “save to map”/”add to map”
    • Select the pin you JUST placed on the map
      from the white box on the left
    • Add your name or a description as needed
    • Hover over the name of the pin (in the white box on the left) – click the paint can. Now you can change the style of pin!
    • Click here to go to the map!

      – Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP


      Tara Roehl owns and operates a private telepractice clinic in Colorado focusing on social cognition, executive functioning and the use of technology in therapy. Previously she has worked in Illinois, California, Rwanda and the Philippines in both public schools and private practices.

      Be sure to hear Tara during her four presentations at ASHA ‘14!

      • Session 1115: Camp Confidence: From Zero to Hero
        [Thursday 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm]
        This presentation will address current bully/shame cultures and introduce participants to therapy techniques for building self-confidence in students dealing with speech and language delays while addressing their therapeutic goals using active and engaging activities including games, iPad apps, and life skill tasks.
      • Session 1212: iPad to iPlay 2.0: Teaching Play Through Apps for Preschoolers
        [Thursday 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm]
        This presentation will introduce participants to popular tablet gaming apps and creative adaptations to improve active participation in therapeutic activities for the development of problem-solving, speech and language development, interactive play, pragmatics, executive functioning skills and behavior modification. Applicable for preschoolers and adaptable for older clients.
      • Session 1441: Get Out of That Box! Four Creative Mold-Breaking Models of Private Practice
        [Friday 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm]
        This presentation will introduce participants to four unique models of private practice. Four clinicians will share their history, mission, and their unique service models. This session will encourage participants to develop professional resilience and shift service-delivery patterns as we face healthcare reform and other trends that affect reimbursement.
      • Session 1768: iPad to iPlay 2.0: Teaching Play Through Apps for Elementary Through Middle School
        [Saturday 2:30 – 3:30]
        This presentation will introduce participants to popular tablet gaming apps and creative adaptations to improve active participation in therapeutic activities for the development of problem-solving, speech and language development, interactive play, pragmatics, executive functioning skills, and behavior modification. Applicable for elementary to middle school clients.