Day 14: Schedule Set and Exhibit Hall

Come take a peek at my set schedule, as well as booths I don't want to miss in the exhibit hall! | This post and more by @speechykeenslp on the blog

Well, I can confidently say that my schedule is “tentatively” done! Click here if you’d like to see where I’ll be during convention. (download the PDF here)

I also took some time to look through the exhibit hall lists. There are just too many great sessions to hit. I strongly encourage you to note the hours of the exhibit hall and give yourself plenty of time to browse. “Plenty” can be pretty relative, so here are some tips based on what you are looking for:

  • Looking for a job?
    If you are on the hunt for a job, be sure to hit up the exhibit hall early on Thursday. Many places will be setting up an interview schedule and you will want to get your name on it. There are individual places of employment, as well as contracting agencies… so explore all of your options! 1-2 hours
  • Looking for materials?
    Make a list before you leave of items you are wanting. Some of the major therapy companies will be there with some great deals! Some will even ship your order home. It’s ok to write down general items needed such as, “Materials for working with client X”. You may find the perfect answer! ~3 hours
  • Brand New!
    Are you a student or brand new SLP? Many of the booths are more than willing to explain and demonstrate their product. You can learn a lot from this hands-on experience. So get in there, touch, feel, pick-up, play! ~2 hours
  • Freebies!
    Personally, I’m over taking a bag of free goodies home. But, if you are excited for all those extras, be sure to hit the floor early and fast! Grab a free giant yellow Super Duper bag (they are bright but useful!) and hit up all the good stuff before they’re gone – which is usually by the end of day one! ~1 hour
  • Just Browsing…
    You could spend half your time at convention browsing. There are so many great things to see and try! Throw your name in a few hats for some great prizes (don’t forget your stickers!) and grab some coupon codes for products you want to think about. Don’t rush yourself, you may miss something great! ~3 hours

Some great booths I plan to hit up include…

Booth No. & Name Why
1381 – Dynamic Resources Great products from a great company! Skills Based Assessment of Core Communication Standards and Building Better Readers are from their professional side, while their children’s book series is fun and hits many therapeutic targets! (and I’m totally biased, as Dr. R is THE reason I’m an SLP today!)
851 – YappGuru Ever search the app store and can’t decide if an app will be a hit or miss? Wish you had some other SLPs to ask? Your wish is YappGuru’s command – they’ve created a great site where SLPs review apps… you may even see a familiar face! *wink wink*
1337 — Lessonpix Not only am I huge fan of this site, I am a huge fan of the owners too! I use their site for clients and my own toddler – be sure to tell Bill that Tara sent you!
1234 — PediaStaff Even if you aren’t looking for a job, these people are just amazing! Heidi is the sweetest, and they are just a great resource to have. Plus, they always have some useful goodies to give away.
1635 — MindWing Concepts If you’ve never met Braidy, you are missing out! I love this whole line of products for my social cognition and executive functioning clients. And the owner is so sweet! I always stick my head in to see what is new this year!
1325 – Super Duper Stop here first and get an obnoxious yellow bag to tote around all your good stuff. Stash it in your room for the rest of the weekend, because you’ll need the extra bag to take home all your convention goodies. There are also some great deals on their products, and a lot of the time they offer free shipping with a minimum order!
1365 3D SLP A subscription box for SLPs? Awesome! Go check out the great products they are partnering with – I hear some of my favorites will be included soon.
859 – ASHA Store I always try to grab some ASHA gear while I’m at the convention. A jacket, shirt and even a business card holder (I use it as my wallet year round!). I am proud to be an ASHA member, so I love to show that pride in what I wear!
353 ADVANCE-Healthcare Network A nice little magazine, but that’s not what I stop here for – it’s the clothes! They have a ton of gear stamped with “SPEECH-LANGAUGE PATHOLOGIST”. Every year I have to see what’s new and grab some new gear!

Check out the guide yourself to pick some stops you just can’t miss! 

I am also getting ready to purchase a lot of diagnostic tests, so I’ll be hitting up a lot of the test publishers to ask them some tough questions! And no one should miss the Scarf King – his table is usually picked over by the final day, so get your scarves early…

What booths are you looking forward to seeing?

– Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP


Tara Roehl owns and operates a private telepractice clinic in Colorado focusing on social cognition, executive functioning and the use of technology in therapy. Previously she has worked in Illinois, California, Rwanda and the Philippines in both public schools and private practices.

Be sure to hear Tara during her four presentations at ASHA ‘14!

  • Session 1115: Camp Confidence: From Zero to Hero
    [Thursday 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm]
    This presentation will address current bully/shame cultures and introduce participants to therapy techniques for building self-confidence in students dealing with speech and language delays while addressing their therapeutic goals using active and engaging activities including games, iPad apps, and life skill tasks.
  • Session 1212: iPad to iPlay 2.0: Teaching Play Through Apps for Preschoolers
    [Thursday 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm]
    This presentation will introduce participants to popular tablet gaming apps and creative adaptations to improve active participation in therapeutic activities for the development of problem-solving, speech and language development, interactive play, pragmatics, executive functioning skills and behavior modification. Applicable for preschoolers and adaptable for older clients.
  • Session 1441: Get Out of That Box! Four Creative Mold-Breaking Models of Private Practice
    [Friday 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm]
    This presentation will introduce participants to four unique models of private practice. Four clinicians will share their history, mission, and their unique service models. This session will encourage participants to develop professional resilience and shift service-delivery patterns as we face healthcare reform and other trends that affect reimbursement.
  • Session 1768: iPad to iPlay 2.0: Teaching Play Through Apps for Elementary Through Middle School
    [Saturday 2:30 – 3:30]
    This presentation will introduce participants to popular tablet gaming apps and creative adaptations to improve active participation in therapeutic activities for the development of problem-solving, speech and language development, interactive play, pragmatics, executive functioning skills, and behavior modification. Applicable for elementary to middle school clients


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