Day 16: Don’t Do It…

Don't Do It! What NOT to wear at the convention! (A tongue in cheek post about fashion no-nos) | Find this post and more by @speechykeenslp at

While being over dressed for an event is uncomfortable, there is nothing more horrifying than showing up under dressed! Depending on your work setting, “stage in life”, etc. your idea of “appropriate” for a convention may be VERY different than the majority.

So, take some of this as “tongue in cheek”, but also the beginning steps to painting a picture of convention wear for you!

The Three B’s: Boobs, Butt, Belly

While we will all be enjoying the warmth of the Florida sun, let’s not enjoy it TOO much. Keep yourself tucked safely away. Leave the swimsuits, daisy dukes and short short short skirts in your suitcase! This is a professional conference after all and, regardless of your goals, you still want to show that professional side!

High Heels

I know we discussed this in shoes, but I can’t emphasize enough the need to leave them behind. You will be walking MILES every day. Be nice to your feet… though there are rumors of a scavenger hunt. So, be sure to walk past me if you insist on those heels so I can get some points!
Disclaimer: I will be wearing heels to present, but I will have flats stashed in my bag!

Suits and Skirts

Unless you are speaking, interviewing, etc there is no need for a suit. And don’t get me wrong, I’m  huge fan of skirts. But beware… you may end up sitting on the floor in a packed room. And it’s a lot harder to stay appropriate when you’re working on the floor!

Ragged and Ripped

We all know you CAN clean up good, but please don’t make us use our imagination! While this may be  “weekend” off”, use it as an excuse to pull out the cute clothes from the closet, not the worn in ones. Being comfortable is important, but it has it’s limits. Including…

PJs and Yoga Pants

Please… don’t. The speakers and presenters have put hours into preparing for their talks. The organizers have spent a YEAR working to pull together this convention. You can put forth the effort to don real pants in the morning.

Tomorrow: How your outfit should align with your goals…

– Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP

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