Day 25: Tip #3 – Prepare Your Tech!

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Your tech is going to be your lifeline at the convention! A place for notes, pictures, access to social media and finding friends. Make sure it’s in tip-top condition to improve your chances of it holding up. Here are a few things I make sure to do before the first day of ASHA…


Clean Up!

Take all those downloads, images, videos, etc off of all of your tech.
Leave a cute picture or two to share with other, but get the rest
backed up and off your device! It’ll protect them in case (heaven
forbid) your device is lost/stolen, and frees up space for quicker
processing and all the pictures and video you’ll be taking at ASHA!

Bonus: No one can accidentally find THAT picture…. oops!




Make sure you have the latest operating system and that all of your
apps are up to date! The last thing you need is an app crashing on
you when you need it most! And, you’ll ensure you can get the apps
you are learning about in all the techie sessions!

Bonus: Less alerts on your main screen! Boo yah!



Dirty Tech – Gross!

Clean up your tech! As in, physically clean it! Make sure it is free from
client germs and sticky residue. Use a soft cleaning cloth (like you may
use with glasses) and a gentle cleaning agent. My favorite is lemon
essential oil – leaves my iPad and phone smelling yummy too!

Bonus: You’ll feel like you got brand new tech for ASHA! Winning!


Tomorrow we talk “must have” apps!

– Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP


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