Day 26: All About Apps!

Tips for packing and prepping for convention! | Read this post and more by @speechykeenslp over on the blog at tech you bring is only as good as the apps you have! Below are some of the apps I can’t live without when it comes to convention week(end)!


This is my favorite note taking app on my iPad. There are plenty out there and everyone seems to like something different. This just happens to be my go-to app of choice! Whatever app you decide to use, practice BEFORE you walk into your first session! (for Android check out Papyrus or LectureNotes)


I love Hootsuite for tweeting form multiple accounts, following hastags (like #slpeeps and #asha14) and scheduling tweets in advance! My only complaint is that I no longer get push notifications on my phone, so I also have Twitter running to get alerts.


QR Codes are prolific at the convention, and the ability to scan and go is key to gathering information without slowing down your progress. Be sure to have an app to capture the information different people are sharing with you!

Google Maps

Navigating a new area, no matter how close to the center you are, can be a nightmare! I love Google Maps because it will give me driving, walking AND public transit directions! So, depending on the time of day and my mode of choice, it always has an answer for me. It also downloads the route, so if I lose cell coverage I’m not left stranded!

Google Drive

Remember back when I told you about how I set up my schedule? Well, Google Drive on my device gives me quick access to my schedule! I also have another spreadsheet on my drive that is my “shopping list” for the exhibit hall! I preload some items in, then take note of products I want to “come back for” as I browse!


Finding a good restaurant can be tough – it’s like Russian roulette with your GI tract! Yelp is where I always go to find a nearby restaurant that has good reviews. I also love that many list whether or not they are ‘child friendly’, since the #ASHAbaby will be along as well!

The ASHA App

If I have downtime, want to find out more information, need a map, etc then I turn to the ASHA App. This app has had some significant upgrades (along with the program planner) and is much more user friendly than in years past. I love it as a “backup” for all my pre-planning!

What apps will you be using?

– Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP


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