Day 30: Final Countdown – 2 days!

It's the final countdown to convention! How will you connect?! | Read this post and more by @speechykeenslp over on the blog at isn’t that amusing?! It took me until now to realize I’m off by a day! Ah well, I’m sure you will all forgive me! Today will be all about finding people at the convention and helping those who aren’t around!


Twitter will be your best friend at ASHA! There are a few rules to follow when tweeting at ASHA. If we can all be on board with these guidelines, we’ll all be happier!

1. Warn Your Followers!

Some people are just NOT fans of live tweeting. Others are popping in, halfway through the day, and have NO idea where you are or what your are talking about! A nice “FYI” tweet at the beginning of each day gets them onto the same page! I typically say something along the lines of“Heads up followers: It’s day 2 of #ASHA14 – I’ll be live tweeting throughout the day!”

2. Give The Session Title First!

People reading at home, or even those in other sessions, want to know what lecture/talk you are in! At the beginning of every session I give the title, speaker and session code! This helps for a variety of reasons. First, we can quickly know if it’s a talk on Executive Functioning, Fluency, Dysphagia, etc. That’s pretty critical information! Secondly, if we are REALLY enjoying your tweets we can look up more information on the speaker, or even jump over to that same session if the one we’re attending ends up being a snooze. And finally, it helps people keep different talks sorted – they know when you’ve switched, who is in the same talk, etc.

3. Use the #ASHA14 Hashtag

#ASHA14 is a community! We are chatting, following, meeting up – all through Twitter! To make sure we see all of your fantastic tweets from a inspiring talk at ASHA, be sure to include the ASHA hashtag!

4. Use the Session # as a Hashtag

As you can imagine, with a large community live tweeting, it can be hard to keep straight what session everyone is in. It is also hard to give credit to the speaker when you only have 140 characters to spread their smarts to the twitter world! At #ASHA14, every session is given a unique code.A great way to keep all of the tweets “organized” is to tweet #a followed by the session code. Twitter only recognizes hashtags that include a letter!  For example, one of my talks has the session code 1212. So, put #a1212 after tweets from my session! That allows people to search tweets from specific sessions, and even “chirpstory” them into one post.

Happy Tweeting!

– Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP

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