Day 31: Final Countdown – 1 DAY!

It's the final countdown to convention! How will you connect?! | Read this post and more by @speechykeenslp over on the blog at! The ASHA Convention is TOMORROW! Can you believe it’s finally here?! You’re flying or driving into Orlando any minute now along with thousands of people who share a similar passion for people. The excitement in the air will be thick, right along with the crowds.

May I make a suggestion to increase your chances of finding friends over the next few days?

Time For Selfies!

Change your Profile Picture!

If your profile picture is a logo, obscured, your adorable baby or pet… we won’t be able to recognize you! For just a few days, change it to a very clear picture of just your face. This will increase your chances of being spotted in the crowd and finding your social media friends!

Post a Selfie!

Each morning, post a selfie of what you look like that day! We’ll all love to get a sneak peak of your outfit, and it will give us all social clues for finding you! Hashtag it #asha14selfie just for fun! I can’t wait to see everyone’s style!

Say Hi – MORE Selfies!

Do NOT be afraid to walk up to a tweeter and say hi! Even if you can’t remember their name, use their twitter handle! Trust me, there is nothing more flattering than someone walking up and saying “Are you SpeechyKeenSLP??” And there is nothing you regret more than NOT saying “hi”. Be sure to take as many selfies with your twitter friends as possible – this weekend is sure to be one to remember!

So get settled into your room and get a good nights rest – tomorrow it all begins!

Come find me tomorrow, I can’t WAIT to meet you!

– Tara, the Speechy Keen SLP

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