Maker Faire 2012


It’s that time again! Anyone who knows me personally knows I am a HUGE Maker Faire fan. Not only am I somewhat of a creative person myself (*coughcoughGEEKcoughcough*), I also get so many great therapy ideas from the innovation presented there. A giant light bright for students with fine motor difficulty? Real R2D2s to interact with and a great opportunity for practicing your pragmatic skills and language skills? Tesla coils to… oh ,heck. Those are just plain cool! And the “makers” are there with their creations, ready to answer questions and demonstrate their work. So many of my clients are inventors and “tinkerers” themselves – taking apart the toaster, rewiring the desktop … and Maker Faire is a great place for them to have their curiosity encouraged and have new ideas ignited. There is a great blog post on the Maker Faire website about eductors’ views of Maker Faire – be sure to read it!

This year I’ll be videoing, tweeting and blogging the entire weekend – with my¬†focus¬†being the impact of creativity and innovation on therapeutic interventions. So stay tuned for some great ideas from the geniuses at Maker Faire! And guess what – you now have an opportunity to go as well …



Now for some great news – tickets! That’s right – General Electric is one of this year’s sponsors of Maker Faire and they are looking to encourage teachers to attend this year. They have offered a few free tickets to my fellow Bay Area teachers/therapists/students. Leave me a comment here or on twitter (@speechykeenslp) if you’re planning on coming and I’ll let you know if we have any tickets remaining – then tweet a picture of you and you’re ticket so we can thank General Electric!!


– SpeechyKeenSLP




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