Meet Heckerty

Heckerty is a witch who just can’t seem to get things right… she flies her broomstick backwards and jumbles up the words to her spells. But in the end, she still wants friends. Will you be her friend? …. even if she turned her face green?


Last week I was given a free download code for Heckerty. I had never heard of it before, nor did I know any of the background (check the website out for the amazing history!). It came through the pipeline thanks to my connections with Hacking Autism. So I downloaded it and gave it a try – and by give it a try I meant really went through the whole thing, reserving judgement till the end. Although it wasn’t an app designed for children with Autism, a lot of success stories were coming to the company from families with children impacted by Autism. Last night Allen and Jan (the voice of “Heckerty”) called me to talk to me about their plans for Heckerty and to hear what I had thought about the app. I don’t want to get into too much of my own opinion, that will be a future post. Also, I would hate to taint your thoughts because ….


They have provided me with a few free download codes! That’s right – we need YOU to be the reviewers here. There are some easy steps to redeem your copy of Meet Heckerty…

  1. Send me an e-mail requesting a code: admin at speechykeenslp dot com
    Let me know if you’re a teacher, therapist, parent etc!
  2. *IF* there are any codes left, I will e-mail it to you!
    NOTE: Codes expire tomorrow night, so redeem as soon as possible! 
  3. If you are an educational professional, please review here (preferred) or e-mail thoughts/comments.
    Parents, please leave a comment here on the blog or e-mail reviews to the address above!

Only 10 codes – good luck!

– SpeechyKeenSLP

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