Minecraft Gingerbread Houses: Wrap Up!

Due to a lot of scheduling craziness, it took us a few extra weeks to wrap up our gingerbread houses. Thank goodness we weren’t planning on eating them!

One particular student really loves making “Stop Animation” movies for YouTube. So, we did a “Getting Ready, Doing, Done” to plan out a Minecraft Film that shows you his house (with a little flair for the dramatic). He’s quite proud of it – as am I! His executive functioning skills skyrocketed throughout the gingerbread building process.

With his parents’ permission, may I present to you his film…

Remember, gingerbread houses aren’t JUST for the holidays! And they can be a fun way to work on those therapy goals with a little “gamification” thrown in. Happy building!

– Tara Roehl, the Speechy Keen SLP

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