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Pinterest Tip: Watermarking Images

Pinterest Tips: Watermark Images! Come see how to make sure people know how to find their way back to you on pinterest! www.speechykeensl...

I recently wrote an article for the ASHA Leader all about Pinterest. Quite a few questions arose. One that concerns a lot of people is the use of their copyrighted material. People see their copyrighted images all over Pinterest and become worried that their hard work is being stolen. Let me address those concerns here!

Are people stealing them?  Possibly.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I would hope and wish they are saving your excellent resources for later use. Remember, “pinning” something isn’t stealing something. All a pin or board is, in essence, is a peak into someone’s “bookmarks” or “favorites”. Most people pinning are simply saving that idea for later!

Are the giving you credit? Maybe.

That responsibility is split 50/50. Half of the responsibility is yours! Keep reading to see what you can do to make sure you get the credit you deserve!

Are people who “re-pin” aware of where that resource is from? Again, Maybe!

Same as above – unless you’ve taken steps to make sure your name is ALWAYS attached to your materials, they might not know how to find you and your amazing resources!


The number one thing you can do to make sure people can find you, is to watermark your images! This means putting your name/website ON your images/resources. People will always know who created it and where to go to find more information if you have it watermarked. Here are some examples of watermarking…

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You can watermark all over an image (#1), making it useless to someone “stealing” it. But this also makes it difficult for people to USE. You can also watermark your name/website across the middle of a image (#2). This might obscure your information some, but it keeps people from “cropping” it out. Or you can “watermark” by placing your name/website in a corner. This gives people the ability to find you without obscuring your image (#3).

How Do I Watermark?

My favorite FREE on-line resource is PicMonkey. Here is a quick tutorial so you can go get those images watermarked TODAY!


So, how important is this all? VERY!

80% of what is on Pinterest is repinned – it’s important your name stays connected to your materials! Pinterest can drive some serious traffic to your site – so make sure they can find you!

Tune in next week for more Pinterest Tips and check out my article in the ASHA Leader!

– Tara, {the} SpeechyKeenSLP

P.S. The “Gingerbread House” project is still in full swing! Due to deaths and illnesses in my family, therapy has been done while on the road since Christmas. Needless to say, the gingerbread house did not come with me – so we’re continuing that project when I get home!