Thanksgiving Comic

thanksgiving comic

Seeing as today is the day before Thanksgiving, it always feels better to work that into therapy somehow. So, when this comic came up on my Facebook feed, I quickly saved it to use in my sessions today!

The Goal

I love using comics in therapy. There are so many areas comics can address in therapy! Today’s session focused on social cognition and executive functioning.The client’s I used this with have difficulty:

  • Describing facial expressing when given a picture with contextual cues but blocked out facial features.
  • Figuring out the emotions of everyone in a scene based on contextual cues
  • Making connections between what they see as expected/unexpected and how that can help them make social inferences
  • Seeing organization in a space – most of them see “chaos” in pictures and the real world
  • Problem Solving within the areas of Executive Functioning and Social Cognition


Our Session
  • Social Cognition
    • I covered the face of the mother, working with my client to “put yourself in her shoes” and “read the clues”. We talked about how she was stirring with her feet, how many pots were on the stove, etc.
    • We used Social Thinking’s™ “Expected/Unexpected” language to talk about mom’s actions
    • We used Mindwing Concepts™ Story Grammar Marker to talk about the important clues in the room (Who, Setting, Kickoff, Feelings, Plan). We then made “Smart Guesses” (Social Thinking™) to predict what would happen and fill in the rest of our Story Grammar Marker.
    • We then had to draw the important clues we thought we might see on mom’s face to know how she was feeling. They had to describe her face to me, and I attempted to draw it. (Funny side note: When I asked one of my clients why they thought I covered her face, he whispered “because she’s drinking something?”)
  • Executive Functioning
    • We looked at the kitchen space and had to figure out if mom had “Getting Ready, Doing, and Done” (GRDD/Sarah Ward) spaces (Hint: She does!)
    • We discussed the “TIME”  – was this a fast moment or a slow moment for mom?
    • We pretended we’d been hired to be her “GRDD” consultants – how could we help mom? The conclusion was that she was “too zoomed out”! Her “GRDD” Plan was too general. Instead, we needed to “zoom in” and make a “GRDD” for the Turkey, the mashed potatoes …. (this also showed me how many clients didn’t categorize Thanksgiving foods! I got all types of wacky guesses as to what was on the stove!)

Here is a pdf from one of the lessons – to give you a “picture”. We worked together on this document during our session, using screen sharing!

Happy Thanksgiving!

– Tara Roehl, the Speechy Keen SLP

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