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About Tara

Tara Roehl is a nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologist. She works in a private practice clinic focusing on the social/pragmatic needs of students with ADHD, High Functioning Autism, Aspergers and related disorders. At the same time, Tara also runs a Special Needs Program at her church to improve the inclusion of individuals with special needs and their families into the religious community.

Earlier in her career, Tara worked as a speech therapist in the public school systems in Illinois and California. Most recently, she worked as the lead speech therapist on the Autism diagnostic team for a Bay Area public preschool. While in this role, she designed and launched the district's "Speech/Social Group" program for children with speech delays and/or High Functioning Autism diagnoses.

In recent years, Tara has extended her practice by working with individuals with disabilities outside of the United States, including developing long distance remote speech therapy approaches with individuals in Rwanda and the Philippines.

Tara holds Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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Social Learning and Video Games
Many of my students are into a certain video game... Angry Birds. I found it enjoyable when I played it, but they take it to a whole new level.
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  • Diagnostic assessments
  • Articulation and phonology delays
  • Expressive and resceptive language disorders
  • Social pragmatic disorders
  • Telepractice
    Online speech therapy via webcam.
  • Autism spectrum disorders